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Ashura Prayer - 10th Muharram Prayer
Every year on the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar, the Shi’a Muslim community across the world commemorates the mourning for the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad, who was killed by the forces of the second Umayyad caliph Yazid I.
The day is known as Day of Ashura (Arabic: عاشوراء‎) or Youm-E-Ashura or Yaumul Ashura or simple known as Muharram or Muharram 10.
In 2012 (Islamic Year 1434 AH), Ashura Day (10th Muharram) will fall on 24th November 2012.

Prayers for Ashura Day :

1. After taking a bath, perform 2 rakaats Naf’l prayer. In each rakaat recite Surah Fatiha once, Surah Iklas 10 times. On completion of the prayer recite Ayaat-ul-kursi once and Darood Ibrahim 9 times followed by the Ashura Day dua.
2. Perform 6 rakaats Naf’l prayer.
In each rakaat recite the following once:
  • Surah Fatiha
  • Surah Wa-Shams
  • Surah Qadr
  • Surah Zulzilah
  • Surah Iklas
  • Surah Falaq
  • Surah Na’as
On completion of this prayer read surah Al-Kafiroon once in Sajdah and then invoke the blessings of Allah. It has been written in Ghuniya-Al-Talibeen that after performing this prayer whatever good is asked for Allah is granted.
3. Perform four rekaats Naf’l prayer
In each rekaat recite Surah Fatiha once and Surah Iklas 50 times. Allah will forgive 50 years of sins and a palace will be prepared in paradise. (Rahatul Kulub)

Some of the thing which a person can do on Ashura day are -

  • Give charity
  • To offer Naf’l (optional) prayers
  • Read Surah Iklas as many times as possible.
  • Visit rightful Ullamas (Islamic Scholars)
  • Be kind to orphans
  • Provide food generously to family members and others
  • Apply Surmah (Collyrium) to the eyes
  • Visit sick people
  • Invoke blessings (Dua)
  • Commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Allah be pleased with him)

May Allah Bless All …

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