Imam Siddique thrown out of Bigg Boss 6 after Nude Act

Yesterday, night Imam Siddiqui was thrown out of season 6 of the reality show Bigg Boss because of his his nude act, his unruly behavior and his disrespectful attitude towards the women.
As per media reports, Bigg Boss 6 team asked him to step out of the house at 3.40am. The team even kept him in an isolated location and trying to talk to him. This news was even confirmed by Spokesperson from Colors TV.47-year-old Artist, choreographer, body language expert and image consultant Imam Siddiqui has entered the Bigg Boss house last week making lot of promises has been thrown out of the house, but could not abide by the rules of the game.Acording to a source, Aashka said nasty things about Imam to Nirahua, saying he would spread dirt around and that he was in the house to play a game. While having dinner, he kept taunting Aashka and telling her that she should not talk while eating. He was also imitating her cry-baby behavior. Aashka taunted him in return, and spoke to him in Imam’s feminine style.

Imam apologised to Aashka for his behaviour but later in the night, he wore Aashka’s clothes and started doing antics like brushing his teeth. When Aashka and Nirahua reacted to this, he was angry and locked them inside the house. After that, he removed his clothes in front of the camera.

Watch Bigg Boss 6 from Monday to Friday at 9.00 pm on Colors TV.

Photos of Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss 6 :

Imam Siddique Strips in Bigg Boss 6     Imam Siddiqui in bodysuit - Bigg Boss 6     Imam Siddiqui Stripping in Bigg Boss 6

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