Mary Leakey’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle : Photos & Videos

Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday Google Doodle Photo
Today, February 6, Google is celebrating the 100th birthday of Mary Leakey, a British archaeologist and anthropologist, who discovered the first fossilised skull of Proconsul.
Mary Leakey’s 100th Birthday Google Doodle as shown in photo below shows Mary Leakey at an archaeological site engrossed in excavation. The doodle also featured two Dalmatians running around Mary, who was a known animal lover and was generally accompanied in the field by three to four Dalmatians at the excavation sites.
The letters second O and second G of the world GOOGLE are replaced by Mary Leakey and the Dalmatians while the first and last two letters of the word Google – G, O and L, E are seen in the background.
Interestingly, the doodle also features one of Leakey’s major discoveries, “the Laetoli footprints”, and some tools used in archaeology.
Born on 6th February 2013, Mary Leakey, is widely known for discovering the first fossilised Proconsul skull, an extinct ape now believed to be ancestral to humans, and the robust Zinjanthropus skull at Olduvai Gorge.
Along with her husband Louis Leakey, Mary uncovered the tools and fossils of ancient hominines.
She is also credited for developing a system for classifying the stone tools found at Olduvai, and discovering the Laetoli footprints, which received recognition by the public for providing convincing evidence of bipedalism in Pliocene hominids.

Mary Leakey – Google Doodle Video :