Janmashtami August 28-8-2013 - Gokulashtami on Aug 28th - Sri Krishna Jayanthi Date in Mathura, Dwaraka - Celebrations

Janmashtami, the day when Lord Vishnu took Sri Krishna Avatar is celebrated across India on August 28, 2013 (Wednesday)

Sri Krishna took birth at midnight of Krishna paksha- Ashtami Tithi - Rohini Nakshatra in the Bhadra (August-September) month.

On Aug 28th 2013, Ashtami Tithi is there for the whole day (ends in the morning of Aug 29th). Rohini Nakshatra starts in the evening of Aug 28th. 

Ways of Celebration:

1) Mathura - Janmashtami is celebrated for about a month. All the Temples, Deities at Madhura will be decorated in same Colour. Colourful Cradles will flower ropes can be seen in Temples, Houses welcoming Lord Krishna

2) Dwarka: Krishnajanmahotsav at Jagad Mandir is celebrated in a grand manner. Lakhs of Devotees will be thronging temple to have Darshan of Midnight Aarti to Dwarkadhish

3) Vrindavan: Almost all the houses at Vrindavan are Temples, as Lord Krishna has visited those houses. Raasa Leela will be enacted.

4) Maharashtra: Pots will be hanged at many streets at 24 feet or above. Govinda Devotees will compete by forming human pyramid to break the pot. Winners are given lakhs of rupees as prize money. The event remembers Sri Krishna Leela at Gokulam stealing butter from pots hanged at ceiling of houses.

5) South India: Special Rangoli, Sri Krishna Footsteps will be drawn from entrance of house to Puja room signifying that Lord has entered their house. Kids in the house will dressed as Sri Krishna. In Karnataka, pot with fruits will hanged in front of Sri Krishna

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Next Year Janmashtami:
In 2014, Sri Krishna Janmashtami is on August 17, 2014 (Sunday)
In 2015, Sri Krishna Janmashtami is on September 5, 2015 (Saturday)

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