Economist Raj Chetty wins ‘Baby Nobel’ – John Bates Clark Medal

Raj Chetty wins Baby Nobel Award
Raj Chetty, a 33 year old Indian-American economist has been named as the 2013 winner of the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, commonly know as ‘Baby Nobel’ Award.
Ever year the John Bates Clark Medal is given by the American Economic Association to an “American economist under the age of forty has already become an icon in the world of economics.
Raj Chetty, well known for his pioneering work in education, tax policy, unemployment and other social insurance, has become the first Indian to receive this medal.
Raj Chetty was nine years old when his parents moved to the U.S. He studied at University School in Milwaukee and Harvard University before becoming an assistant professor of economics at the University of Berkeley at age of 23. He became a tenured professor at 27 before returning to Harvard University where he is a professor of economics and director of the Lab for Economic Applications and Policy.
The John Bates Clark Medal is widely regarded as one of the field’s most prestigious awards, perhaps second in importance only to the Nobel in economic science, and hence commonly known as Baby Nobel.
Congratulations to Raj Chetty…

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