Google Paid Rs. 544 Crore Bonus To Indian Man Neal Mohan

Neal Mohan Google
Big companies here to keep their mouths Indian Talents – offering price, salary, has been willing to post. Talents largest Internet company Google for such an Indian company had to give bonuses to retain 544 crore.
Indian-American civil Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president of advertising products. He is responsible for Google’s display advertising across desktop and mobile devices. His efforts have focused on growing the overall industry by bringing innovative solutions to Google’s advertiser and publisher partners around the world. His hard work and the shrewd acquisition of tools, such as the display platform Invite Media, his team made $5 billion for Google in 2011.
Twitter was offered the post of Chief Product to Neal Mohan. Google Talented Expert Internet advertising in our company wanted to maintain at all costs. Do not ever join Twitter Neal Mohan, Google had this fear them a bonus of $ 100 million, of which approximately 544 million are of Indian currency, however as an employee at Google he used to draw a $60,000 as annual salary.

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