Gudi Padwa 2013 Muhurat – Auspicious Time for Gudi Hoisting

Gudi Padwa 2013 Muhurat Timings
Gudhi Padwa (Marathi: गुढी पाडवा) is celebrated as Marathi New Year Day on the first day of the Hindu calendar month Chaitra.
Gudi Padwa, the first among the Sade Teen Muhurat (three and a half auspicious muhurats) in Hindu Astrology. On this day, people of Maharashtrian community hoist a Gudi outside their home in the morning. It is a common belief that Gudi brings prosperity and good luck to the house. Gudi comprises of a pole or a bamboo stick on top of which is a upturned silver or copper pot which is decorated with a yellow cloth, flowers and mango leaves.
The day is also considered to be an auspicious day to start new ventures and to buy gold ornaments and property and other valuables.

Gudi Padwa 2013 Muhurat Timings :

Altough as told earlier, Gudi Padwa is one of the Sade Teen Muhurat days (three and a half auspicious muhurats) the whole day is highly auspicious, but still people want the best of the best Muhurat.
Aindra Yog is the most auspicious time to start new ventures on Gudi Padwa. It gives the performer best results and prosperity forever. But in 2013, there is no Aindra Yog on Gudi Padwa day.
The important aspect on setting Gudi Padwa muhurat is – afternoon and evening should be avoided.
The auspicious muhurat for Gudi hoisting is 6.05 AM to 10.10 AM in morning.
After hoisting Gudi at your home, you can begin your work of starting new ventures like business, professional works, etc.

Panchang for Gudi Padwa 2013 :

  • Tithi Sukla Padyami (Pratipada) Ends at 15:58 hrs.
  • Nakshatram Aswini Ends at 23:05 hrs.
  • Baalava Karana Ends at 28:34, Bava Karana Ends at 15:58 hrs.
  • Vishkambha Yogam Ends at 26:46 hrs.

Auspicious Time on Gudi Padwa 2013 :

  • Amrita Kalam 16:15 – 17:57 Duration: 01:42  hrs.
  • Abhijit muhurat: 12:03:30 – 12:51:30  hrs.

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