Get Free Tickets for Sachin’s 200th Test

The official website selling tickets for Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell Test received close to 19.7 million hits even before the portal went online on Monday.

Given the massive traffic, the website crashed in no time and the failure to restart it immediately led to a huge public commotion outside the Wankhede Stadium the same afternoon.

A fanatical rush saw crash in less than half-an-hour even before it could start sales at 11am. As a result, the webpage failed to load and online buyers were denied access to the official page to buy tickets.

Clueless fans, some who tried to buy tickets online and many who thought tickets were being sold at the stadium premises, gathered in front of the Polly Umrigar and the Vinoo Mankad Gates at Wanhkede and the rush led to a huge commotion. Police had to be brought in to disperse the crowd.

MCA officials, meanwhile, were busy attending an event to felicitate Tendulkar and were not available for comment. MCA treasurer Vinod Deshpande later assured that the website would be restored soon and online ticket sales would resume as planned.

“Redemption/Ticket pick-up counters will be open at the Mumbai Hockey Association starting November 12, 2013. In order to facilitate easy and convenient pick-ups, counters will be open from 8am to 3pm.
There are less than 5000 tickets available for general public in the 33,000-capacity stadium which was renovated ahead of the ICC World Cup in 2011.

The remaining 28-odd thousand tickets have been held back by the MCA and will be distributed among city clubs, members of the cricket association, the BCCI and its various member associations, former and present cricketers from Mumbai, Maharashtra and beyond and also a host of celebrities, friends, colleagues and confidantes.

When the website is restored, tickets will be available for Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,500. Only two tickets per person can be booked online. Tickets are available for sale online only.

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