TV actors talk about their love for coffee on International Coffee Day

‘Asking me if I like coffee is like asking me if I like breathing’ said a coffee addict long back.

We are sure a lot many of us can relate to the statement and today (29 September) on International Coffee Day we got TV stars talking about their love for a cup of yummilicious coffee.

Vivian Dsena: I drink very personalized, my kind of coffee which has unique ingredients. I drink two cups of coffee in a day. 

Divyanka Tripathi: Since I have given up coffee and I drink it only occasionally its impact is there and it really rejuvenates me. I like filtered coffee and also south style of coffee.

Shashank Vyas: I drink two cups of coffee a day. I don't think it reduces stress; that is just psychological. But coffee does gives me relaxation and make me feel good. 

Tina Dutta: I drink two cups of coffee daily. Coffee makes me feel good; whether alone or in company it has its own effect. I recommend coffee drinking but not coffee addiction.

Shivin Narang: I drink cold coffee three to four times in a day. When I think of coffee I think of Candies in Bandra. That's my favorite place where I like to have coffee. For me cold coffee is stress buster and makes my mood good and energizes me. 

Vahbiz Dorabjee: I love coffee but I don’t drink it daily. I drink it sometimes when I am in the mood with friends. I do go to a coffee shop to chill. It’s definitely a stress buster and very refreshing for me. I love to go to Starbucks for coffee.

Roopal Tyagi: I am a coffee addict. I drink at least three cups a day. It makes me feel super energized. I try out different kinds of coffees whenever I can. I drink when I am happy, sad or whatever my mood is; it always lifts me up. 

Mohammed Nazim: I drink three cups of hot coffee daily; one at home and on set and one when I go out for a meeting. Coffee is a good way to reduce stress.

Ssharad Malhotraa: I have coffee four to five times a day. Whenever I think of coffee, it reminds me of my first coffee date during my college days. Yes, coffee is stress buster for me, it make me fresh, lively and happy.

Nalini Negi: I drink a cup of coffee in a day. When I think of coffee I think its stress buster and releases tension. I can’t think of my daily life without a cup of coffee.

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